Secret Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks

Playing Marvel Avengers Alliance is a cool way to acquire the results you want, but the reality is that without some nice Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks you won’t be able to get too far in this title. This is why we have created a list with some of the best Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks out there, all so that you can improve your gameplay experience gradually and reach the potential that’s always out there for you.

Get energy from friends

The best thing you can do in order to obtain energy is to make friends with people that play the game on a daily basis. This will provide you with a steady income of energy, up to 50 per day, which can be used to further improve your battles the right way.

Hoarding silver and gold

One of the best Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks is to earn free gold by leveling up or completing all the in-game tasks. Remember that you always have to spot these tasks in the menus and focus on them, because it’s crucial to get as much gold as you can. At the same time, if you complete the 4th star mastery each mission you will acquire additional gold too, which is even more impressive. We recommend using our self developed Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Tool.

Getting shield points

You need to go to the maps that your friends create in order to acquire these points faster, if you don’t really want to purchase them.

Command points

These are the meat and bone of the game so we recommend you to compete the 5th star mastery for each mission, since you get quite a lot of these points. Farming the same mission over and over might also bring in some good results from this standpoint.

Get the best heroes

Some heroes have low CP cost attacks or support stats, so you should definitely use them in such a situation. There are some missions that require better attack rates though, so you need to choose the heroes wisely in order to get the best results.

Use the free characters first

Never shell out too much money on heroes at first, because the reality is that most of the free ones are the best in the games, such as Iron Man for example. Unless you are particularly fond of a specific character, the Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks require you to stick with the free ones at first until you get the CP and all the other in-game currencies.
In the end, you do need to use these Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Tricks in order to further improve your game experience unlike never before. Fun, reliable and truly impressive, the game offers you the ability to test your superhero might and improve it unlike never before. So, if you want to acquire the best results, follows these ideas and tricks to take your gameplay to new heights and you will not be disappointed!

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